Gothic Photoshoot – Part I

Earlier this week I was part of a photoshoot with model Carol Mair and make-up artist Teri Crawford. Carol was looking to do something with a gothic theme, which was quite different for me.

It was an outdoor shoot in Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow. Make-up done on a bench, changing rooms miles away, it wasn’t the smoothest to begin with, but all came good and we managed to get it done despite the freezing wind and a random lady asking Teri to give her some smokey eyes!

I was one trigger down so was using one speedlite. Still in the experimenting stages with the off camera flash but fairly pleased with how these came out.

I’ll post part II later in the week. For now, it’d be nice to hear what you think…







5 thoughts on “Gothic Photoshoot – Part I

  1. Thanks for the comments guys, very nice of you to take the time. I’ve just uploaded the draft of the next batch which I’ll post probably tomorrow or Tuesday 🙂


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