Admiral Fallow

Admiral Fallow

Admiral Fallow. I’ve photographed and written about them a tonne before, but they still don’t get old. I wouldn’t normally head through to das capital just for a gig, but with the festival on and my friend wanting to see Fallow before she heads back across the pond (although she ended up bailing out to work on dissertation, lame? yup!) I took the plunge and left the rainy west for the sunny east.

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There will be another post up tomorrow with some shots from in and around the festival during the day as well.

The gig was as expected, damn good. A new song along with the unreleased but often played Paper Trench, and a gorgeous unamplified version of Four Bulbs (battling the A/C, which made far more noise than the silent crowd).

Last show around these parts until January apparently. They’ve passed the stage of monthly gigs, so make sure to be there when they do play.

Until January, you can buy their album here.


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