Day 8


My mum.

Today I went into Glasgow with my mum for some lunch. Think she was a little disappointed that Brangelina weren’t sitting next to us. We walked past Kevin Bridges and James Allan on Buchanan Street and despite having no idea who either of them are, still got a bit excited (bless).

The most obvious thing to do on a beautifully sunny day is go to the back corner of a dark restaurant, which is what we did, Cafe Andaluz on St Vincent Street. Amazing food, I’m still struggling to keep my eyes open after the feast.

Talking of eyes open, I’ve been having some pretty mad sleep issues the past couple of nights (i.e. i’m not getting any). Turns out red wine didn’t help. Any suggestions welcome, on postcards or otherwise.

Off to King Tuts tonight to shoot Aames which I’m pretty excited about. Apparently it’s right on the cusp of a sell out so I’m going to have to claim my spot early!


2 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Haha, not together, although not far apart, so maybe they were doing the ‘walk 6 feet apart so nobody thinks we’re together’ thing. Who knows!

    Pics with you tomorrow, I’m nearly done but sleep deprived so won’t finish tonight.


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