Day 17


So, I’ve been a little tardy with uploading my daily photographs. I’ve still been taking them regularly and have even had a load of choices for which to use on certain days. Today however, wasn’t one of those days.
It was one of the boring days that was spent editing, sending emails, upadting website, chasing payments. All in all, not a lot of interesting things to photograph. Approaching the end of the day I got a little desperate and eventually went for some shiny lights in my magpie way.

Watched The Ring before bed (and was subjected to some fraping on a similar subject by my charming little sister). Not the best of movies to watch before sleep. Creepy dreams!


One thought on “Day 17

  1. Nice bokeh! Best of luck with project 365…I’m up to day 61 and have run into a few uninspiring days, but it’s amazing how you always come up with a photograph in the end…look forward to seeing more…


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