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Earlier this week I trained it up to Kingussie near Aviemore to help out on a video shoot for a song by Open Swimmer called Nineteen. I arrived under cover of darkness after locations had been scouted and everything was pretty much set up for the next day shooting.

We were out on to Loch Insh early with our ace boat driver (not sailor!) Olly who has the patience of an absolute saint. We were even so late we made him miss a date, sorry Olly!

We were on the Loch for most of the day getting various amounts of wet (N.B converse are not the best choice of footwear for little boats), sooking helium from a canister and signing songs in a beegee register.

Libby was the star of the show, days later I’m still amazed at the amount of rowing she did without one complaint. Proper hero!

Behind the scenes myself and Ben Cowie were filming with a selection of SLRs (All canon; 5dMkII, 7D, 550d) while the boss manNiall Walker was directing and filming.

Hugely fun day and had the best nights sleep ever when eventually got home.

Can’t wait to see the final edit, sure it’s going to be pretty awesome


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