Sarah & Craig Grant Wedding

Recently I was lucky enough to be the photographer at the wedding of Sarah & Craig at the beautiful Comrie Croft in rural Perthshire. Lucky might seem a strange word, but with such wonderful people to work with and such an amazing wedding thanks to the creative eye of the couple, it really was a privilege to be there.

Sarah & Craig only got engaged a few months ago and planned the wedding quickly as they are off globe hopping later in the year. The time involved makes it even more impressive that they pulled off such a stunning event.

From our first chat about the wedding it was clear that Sarah had an amazing eye for detail and design. So much of the day from table decorations and menus to the stunning bouquets were all hand made by the couple and their friends. It was clear that a lot of love went into the planning of the day.

Although there were a few hairy moments, thankfully the rain managed to stay away for the outdoor service, although I think a couple of high heels had some interesting moments in the soft ground!

Taking place on the last weekend in October, there was a strong Halloween theme running through the decorations from the toffee apples to the hand carved pumpkins, and of course the corpse bridge & groom cake toppers!

It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with such fun-loving people and I was delighted with how happy they were with the photographs.

This was my last wedding of the year (unless a really last minute booking comes through) and I can’t wait to get started again in the new year.

Huge congratulations to Sarah and Craig, I hope every day has as much fun and love as your wedding day.


6 thoughts on “Sarah & Craig Grant Wedding

  1. The pics are amazing you did a brilliant job ! Wonder when my day comes if youl come to Oz and do mine 🙂


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