Death Cab For Cutie

I was hugely excited about this show, having been a big Death Cab fan for a while, but somehow have never seen them live. Unfortunately the show didn’t really live up to expectations, pretty flat performance from the band and pretty bad sound.

Also, the usual 3 song rule was replaced by a 2 song rule, which everybody neglected to mention until we were ‘ejected’ from the pit. Never mind though, managed to get one song with some lights turned on at least!

Last week I saw The Smashing Pumpkins, photographed RM Hubbert, Twilight Sad, Arab Strap & Death Cab. Despite this show being a little disappointing, it’s been a pretty epic week of gigs.


2 thoughts on “Death Cab For Cutie

  1. I was standing right behind you when they told you they had to leave, felt like giving them a swift telling off! What venue ever has a two song rule? The photos you got in the time you were given are good though. (:
    Personally, I thought they were incredible. I’ve waited such a long time to see them as well.


  2. Haha, the support would have been good but don’t think the guy was listening to reason.
    Glad you enjoyed the show and thanks for checking out the photos!


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