Campsie Fells

If you’re not in Scotland, you’ll have missed the moans of the masses for the past 24 hours as the first snow of winter fell. In the city, I appreciate that snow can be a pain when you’re trying to get around the place, but it really does make the place look quite special.

I went up Campsie hills behind Glasgow with a couple of friends to get some shots of them breaking out the boards for the new season. Was a pretty quick trip with light disappearing not long after we arrived. Need to get back up again soon and get some better shots, these were the best of the bunch from today. Hopefully lots more to come soon.

EDIT: I only just realised I used the same photo twice. Don’t write blog posts when you’re half asleep people, and if you do, proof read!


90 thoughts on “Campsie Fells

  1. Why do the masses moan?
    Looks like you were snowboarding at night but it probably just because it gets dark so quickly these days.
    Is it very far away from Glasgow?


  2. snow does make for interesting photos – the second photo is beautiful!
    I think winter light is crisper and adds a certain edge to photos. I will be back to check out other blog posts. πŸ™‚


  3. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments.

    Alexandra, the masses moan because the snow causes chaos, particularly on the roads. Congestion and people generally being inconvenienced (while they’re just not very well prepared :-D). It’s not far from Glasgow at all, about a 20 minute drive north from the city centre.


  4. Way to moonlight hike out to shoot the shred of the night’s gnar pow! Just kidding, I don’t actually talk like that even though I snowboard. But seriously, great shots in gorgeous setting.


  5. I used to go up the Campsies as a boy. I was brought up in the east end of Glasgow and travelled occasionally by bus to there. Would love to see more pics if anyone has some!


  6. As a local (from fair city of Glasgow) I never thought of the Campsies as a snoboarding destination but it looks like great fuin. Meikle Bin I guess – the road up pic looks a bit like the road up there but I could be wrong.


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  8. Wow!!! We can see the Campsie’s from my house. They have sit in the background of a fantastic view over Glasgow and beyond. I love them.


  9. Amazing pictures! What a beautiful place to be at! Thanks for posting and sharing your adventure. πŸ™‚ Akcielo


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