Kobi Onyame

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s already January 17th and this is my first blog post of the year. Thankfully it’s nothing to do with seasonal laziness, rather the start of the year has been incredibly busy with lots of new work coming through. More on all of that to come.

For now, this is a shoot with the fantastic Kobi Onyame. The first image below is pretty different to anything I’ve done before. Big thanks to Kobi for his patience and his trust to let me try this out. I’m pretty happy with the results, would love to hear what people think.

Will have lots more to follow soon, hope your resolutions are holding out strong!


9 thoughts on “Kobi Onyame

  1. I like this picture…can you tell me how to do this? I havent found any tutorials out there that tell me how to place same person in same picture multiple times.


  2. Really nicely done!! I particularly love the first one. 2nd is a really nice classic shot… still can’t decide if I find the catchlight in the shadows (right eye) distracting from the overall image though.


  3. Absolutely brilliant. And a great artist; I caught him by accident at that Save BBC Introducing protest just before Christmas. Not the sort of thing I’d usually listen to but he’s so bloody talented.


  4. Thanks all very much!

    Lis: Yeah he’s great, lovely guy and I’m really enjoying his album though similarly I’m not classically a hiphop fan.

    Jess: The catchlight hadn’t overly caught my attention before but now my eye can’t stay away from it, may need to fix it!

    Julietashley: Thanks very much

    shelleydlm: Hold on for some geeky chat…camera fixed on tripod in manual exposure and manual focus and a set white balance (not auto) so all your frames should be pretty close to the same in terms of exposure and colour. Move the subject to the parts of the frame you want and take a shot (i’d ideally use a remote but managed to leave it at home for this!). Import all images to PS, choose 1 as your base (I went left -> right for ease) then duplicate the other images to a new layer on top of your base. Create a layer mask of each of the layers, use a black brush on the layer mask to reveal the layer underneath. Takes a bit of time and a LOT of patience. This took me a good few hours in photoshop, though hopefully will be quicker in future. Hope this helps, drop an email if I might be able to help more with this.


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