Cymbals Eat Guitars

Cymbals Eat Guitars was my first gig of 2012. Not knowing much about them other than some brief Spotify listening, I was nonetheless excited to get back out to some noise filled rooms, as at that point it had been far, far too long. Support band Milagres were much more impressive than the lazy online review I read pre-gig suggested, and the headliners were excellent. Having travelled from Brooklyn, it was a shame that the room was so sparsely populated, but the people there seemed to enjoy it. Even when frontman Joseph D’Agostino ran into some health issues and had to have a lie down on stage mid-set, before eventually cutting off the final song early to make a quick departure.

Served to brush off some cobwebs and get back out shooting after a long December, and have discovered a couple of great new bands in the process.


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