Mechanical Smile

A couple of weeks ago I met up with the fine ladies and gents of Mechanical Smile. Hailing from the sunny climes of Kilmarnock, they have been getting some good press in the lead up to the launch of their new EP on 30th March.

Naturals in front of the camera, despite their protestations at being un-photogenic, it was good fun traipsing around Glasgow to a few different locations.

Be sure to check out the band and if you’re in a band in need of fresh images, get in touch for a quote.


18 thoughts on “Mechanical Smile

  1. oh and they are really great guys! the last gig i went to i got a free poster and stickers!!! x em x


  2. Great pics! checked out these guys and they have an amazing sound. The singer has a really unique voice


  3. outstanding music by mechanical smile and outstaanding photos from euan !

    both destined for great things 😀


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