United Fruit

United Fruit are one of the most intriguing and interesting bands making music in Scotland just now and are certainly one of the bands, in my opinion, that have the potential to grow bigger than any Scottish ‘scene’ and take their music to a wider audience. They will be announcing lots of new dates soon, definitely try and get along to see them if they are anywhere close to you!

This image is the 3rd instalment in a little project I’ve been working on, the first two parts featuring Kobi Onyame and Lightguides.

A bit of a cold, dreich evening trek up to the top of Queens Park in Glasgow for this one. Virtually no photoshop involved in these images other than a little bit of sharpening, contrast & colour toning.

Big thanks to the man, the legend Stephen Moiser for taking care of the ‘pyrotechnics’ for me. Not the easiest starting fires in the rain, especially with a suspicious running club looking on!

Some more photographs of United Fruit coming in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, check out their bandcamp where you can listen to and download their first album and give the a shout on facebook as well.


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