A Spring in the Step

I’ve been a bit of a tardy blogger of late, mainly due to being busy making things that will hopefully see the blog at some point in the future! So I make like it’s all ok.

Since the weekend, Scotland has been bathed in sunshine the likes of which we barely see during the height of Summer, let alone late March. It’s incredible to see the effect that the sun has on people with so many people on the streets smiling and having a good time. Hopefully it’s here to stay for a while longer. Here are a few shots from an afternoon and evening spent in Glasgow caked in factor 50.




45 thoughts on “A Spring in the Step

  1. Awww.. This two “ice creams” in the first photo and the light/tune of the second photo impressed me sooooo much. Love. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Keep up the good work.


  2. It looks so beautiful and warm! I came back to the country for a week’s vacation and it’s suddenly turned into a coldfront with winds at 50mph. These images make me so jealous!


  3. Thank you Céline, very kind of you to say. I do love Glasgow. Sadly it’s not quite as sunny today. Hopefully it will be again soon here and in Belgium too!


  4. I agree with “soiltoguyofjoey’s” comment about the sun in the photos being overwhelming! What a stunning photo. I don’t know why really, but the photo of the crane tower appeals to me. I have always loved cranes since childhood days in New York City. I loved your blog. Thank you so much for sharing with others. Keep on blogging. Please?


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