Campsies Wedding_002

At the start of the month, in the endless pursuit of trying to be a wee bit better, I went on a Photography Farm workshop. Part of this was a styled wedding shoot out in the truly incredible Scottish countryside. Very kindly put up for the day by photo whizz Zoë Campbell in her stunning new pad, we weren’t far from the Campsies which is where these photographs were taken. The bride is yet another photo whizz Linzie Russo and her husband John. Both amazing, probably still cold, and smokin’ hot. Such a pleasure to photograph.

There were a few of us there snapping away so I think the biggest challenge was to get something different. Not sure how well I managed that, but I’m pretty pleased with some lovely new shots (I even did a silly play with some double exposure at the end…)

Thanks to everybody involved for pulling together the shoot, it was….EPIC!
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Campsies Wedding_001

Campsies Wedding_003

Campsies Wedding_004

Campsies Wedding_005

Campsies Wedding_006

Campsies Wedding_007

Campsies Wedding_008

Campsies Wedding_009

Campsies Wedding_010

Campsies Wedding_011

Campsies Wedding_012

Campsies Wedding_013

Campsies Wedding_014

Campsies Wedding_015

Campsies Wedding_016

Campsies Wedding_017

Campsies Wedding_018

Campsies Wedding_019

Campsies Wedding_020

Campsies Wedding_021

Dress by The Couture Company
Flowers by Stems
Hair and Make-up by Caroline McKeirnan
Workshop by Photography Farm


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