365 // Week 2

Day 8

Ryan Joseph Burns of Blood Relatives playing Hootenannys in Inverness for Detour. This is the first place I ever photographed a gig, that was a detour night as well. How time flies.

Day 9

Some icy rocks by the Cromarty Firth. Attempted to make it down to the water for a pic of the Cromarty bridge but converse didn’t work out to well on the ice. Another beautiful day in the highlands.

Day 10

Travelled down to Aviemore this morning to do some snowboarding. Got here a bit too late and the mountain was full. Early start tomorrow. On the plus side, this place looked stunning. Loch Morlich, Cairngorms.

Day 11

Last one of the year and another from Aviemore. Tried again to snowboard to again be foiled by that nature. At least it’s a pretty place to wander! Hope you have a great time tonight and a most excellent 2015.

Day 12

@lewisprides @pridesband on the last night of @detourmusic New Year party at the Old Bridge Inn.

Day 13

My last day in Aviemore has mostly been spent in bed suffering an extremely severe bout of man-flu. Took a walk along to the town to empty the shelves in Boots and discovered it was an otherwise beautifully idyllic day in the highlands. I’m not sure I could live in a small town like this, but when it looks like this it does make me wonder a bit.

Day 14


Today has pretty much been defined by illness. Both myself and Cat picked up the flu in Aviemore and had a slog if a drive home today. The drive was stunning. And there would have been so many great photos if I could only have stepped out of the car. So, I pulled myself out of bed to get a shot of our cat Bear. She’s been on holidays since pre-Christmas so it’s nice to have her home. Not the most inspiring photo to round out week 2 but Instagram loves a cat pic right?

And so there goes another week. 2 down, only 50 to go. I haven’t taken any photos yet today (Monday) and the continuing gremlins in my chest are making me pretty keen to stay inside. Off to find some inspiration!

Hope you all had a great time over the holidays and have a relatively pain free first day back at work today.

p.s. for anybody that enjoys the tech side of this, all 14 photos so far have been caputred on the (amazing, beautiful, gamechanging) x100t before being transferred via the camera’s built in wifi (yup) to my iphone, edited in the VSCOCAM app and uploaded directly from the phone. Today is the first since pre-Christmas that I’ve sat at a computer and seen the images on a larger than iphone screen. Loving this camera a lot, although the first shot of this week shows that it’s definitely not up with the slrs on the high iso noise handling.

Much love


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