365 Days in Phots // Week 4

One month down woohoo!

4 weeks and another installment of my 365.

Day 222015/01/img_6811.jpgDay 232015/01/img_6815.jpgDay 242015/01/img_6819.jpg

I met today with Andrew Nicol, Americana inspired singer/songwriter from Glasgow. I’ve done some photos with/for Andrew in the past and we were chatting about artwork for his new album coming out later this year.  I grabbed a quick portrait as we were finishing by up. Shot on Renfield Lane in Glsgow outside Stereo Cafe Bar.


Day 252015/01/img_6826.jpg

@pridesband working their fingers to the bone in the studio #365 #day25 #prides #studio


Day 262015/01/img_6831.jpgCat started ballet lessons tonight after a 10 year hiatus. Lit with a shaft of light from a slightly ajar bathroom door.


Day 272015/01/img_6853.jpgNatasha. She’s learned to smile since last time I saw her. Wee smasher.

Day 282015/01/img_6864.jpg


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