The Coull’s Wedding Photographs @ Aswanley, Aberdeenshire

70 metres of bunting! Joanna’s mum worked her fingers to the bone hand making all the bunting (70 metres!) from old dresses & curtains. She barely mentioned it though 😉

This was absolutely my favourite kind of wedding day. A totally relaxed couple letting the day unfold around them and enjoying themselves. So much laughing!

They both (mostly Joanna though, according to Gary!) put so much time and effort into making it their own day and I loved being welcomed into it.

It was my first time at Aswanley which is a beautiful venue, especially when you get as nice a day as we did.

Thanks Jo & Gary for having me along, you guys were a joy to photograph and I had a great day with you all.


JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_001 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_004 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_007 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_010 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_012 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_014 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_017 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_019 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_020 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_023 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_025 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_028 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_030 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_031 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_035 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_037 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_039 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_042 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_043 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_044 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_046 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_047 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_048 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_049 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_050 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_051 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_052 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_054 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_056 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_059 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_065 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_067 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_070 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_073 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_074 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_077 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_079 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_081 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_083 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_087 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_088 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_090 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_092 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_094 JoannaGary_Wedding_Aswanley_095


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