Cottiers Wedding Photos // Nicola & Fraser Hitched in Glasgow

Cottiers is such a cool place to have a wedding. It’s an old church, that is now a theatre, stunning building, SO dark, loads of fairy lights, and they have a barbeque outside that I had my dinner from. Winning all round. Added bonus that the wedding is of a brilliantly fun couple!

My ideal wedding to photograph doesn’t revolve around location or details, it’s all about working with a couple that are all about having a great day and having fun. And so, these guys are the ideal couple to photograph. So much fun and I left having had an amazing time (and a BBQ!).

Anyway,props to Mr & Mrs Douglas for making my job so much fun and having an amazing day that was a total joy to be a part of.

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_001

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_004

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_005

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_006

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_008

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_009

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_011

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_012

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_013

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_014

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_015

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_018

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_019

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_020

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_022

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_024

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_026

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_028

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_030

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_031

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_032

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_034

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_035

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_036

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_037

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_038

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_039

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_040

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_041

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_042

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_043

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_045

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_046

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_047

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_049

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_050

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_051

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_054

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_056

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_060

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_064

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_066

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_067

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_069

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_070

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_073

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_076

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_079

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_081

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_082

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_083

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_084

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_089

Nicola_Fraser_Cottiers Wedding_093


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