The Photo Album

‘The Photo Album’ is my first self prescribed photography project. As may be clear already, I have quite a passion for music and so thought it would make sense to incorporate that into this.

I created a playlist of some of my favourite songs and the aim is to take a photograph for each of the 20 songs.

Below you’ll find the photographs as they’re created, if you click through you’ll probably find some kind of explanation on the (sometimes fairly tenuous) connection between song and picture.

Track 9 – Bruce Springsteen / Dancing in the Dark

Track 8 – Bright Eyes / We Are Nowhere And It’s Now
We are nowhere and it's now

Track 7 – Bob Dylan / Just Like A Woman
Just Like A Woman

Track 6 – Idlewild / In Remote Part
In Remote Part

Track 5 – Frightened Rabbit / Keep Yourself Warm
Keep Yourself Warm

Track 4 – Aereogramme / Barriers

Track 3 – Ben Folds / Brick

Track 2 – Biffy Clyro / Justboy

Track 1 – Bob Marley / Three Little Birds
Three Little Birds


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